October 22, 2012 admin

First Anniversary for First Destination Therapy Patient in Singapore

On 22nd October 2012, we celebrated the first anniversary of the successful implantation of a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) into Mr Chow Tien Siong, a 79 year old man who had an enlarged and failing heart. The surgery which was performed a year earlier on the 13 October 2011 was considered a landmark because up to then, no LVAD was implanted in Singapore or Asia as a destination therapy. It was used in patients who were considered to be heart transplant candidates.

Before the surgery, Mr Chow had end stage heart failure and had to be admitted for heart failure in 2011 a few times. Finally he developed an intractable abnormal heart rhythm called ventricular tachycardia and was very weak and could not get out of bed.

After the surgery, Mr Chow had a prolonged recovery time because of his age, but after 2 months, he was out and about and able to walk around without too much difficulties. Throughout this one year on LVAD therapy, he has been relatively well and has not been readmitted to hospital and have not had any major issues with the heart pump.

He is glad that he is alive and enjoying a quality of life which enables him to be independent and able to travel throughout Singapore.

This is a first for Singapore and for Novena Heart Centre. The patient was managed by our Heart Failure Specialist, Dr Kenneth Ng Kwan Chung and we are proud to celebrate with Mr Chow on this tremendous occasion.